Our group officially began...

in April of 2008 when the Telegraph Herald of Dubuque, IA announced the arrival of a young widows support group to the area. It all began, however, with a few young widows who met for coffee and discussed how frustrated they were with the lack of resources for young women who have lost their significant other. Not only was it difficult to find information on such a situation, but there wasn’t a support group for such women either. Deciding to take action into her own hands, one of the widows spoke to a grief counselor and arranged the first-ever young widows support group in the Dubuque area.

The six-week formal therapy session brought nine widows together from the Iowa/Illinois/Wisconsin area. Feeling as if they could continue to grow together beyond the six weeks, several of the widows continued to meet. It was through many tear-filled discussions and heart-felt conversations that the group decided to develop into the F.I.N.E. Young Widows.

The main focus of F.I.N.E. Young Widows is to provide empowerment, support and healing to each other. From that, the group wants to provide assistance and support to other young widows nation-wide by maintaining our website as a place to find comfort and by writing a book of our journeys through grief. It is our hope that F.I.N.E. Young Widows can expand and bring support and healing to anyone going through a similar loss…

We are not alone!

the f.i.n.e. young widows

flower photos courtesy of Jodi Beidler of www.jodibeidler.com